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i believe the subtext here is rapidly becoming text.
ask about tags feeling verbose?

#god. william take your stupid poetic feelings away from me  #BUFFY IS THE LIGHT OF SPIKE’S LIFE AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT  (via roymustanges​)

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#i’ve learned to love spike despite the ramen hair  (via klutzysheep​)

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-What does it say?
-Same as all the others.




If kid sis wants to grab a midnight stroll, she’ll find a way sooner or later. I just thought she’d be safer with Big Bad looking over her shoulder.

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#WHERE DID ALL THE SPIKE + DAWN GO?  #SPIKE + DAWN + BUFFY WAS THE BEST OF ALL THINGS AND IT VANISHED AND IT BROKE MY HEART  #season six was terrible for other reasons but  #you know  #oh spike oh buffy oh dawn  #(i will say that as terrible as season six was and as pissed as I was that we didn’t get real spike + dawn payoff in s7  #that one line of dawn’s where she asks spike if he sleeps  #in that very cool considered voice  #and he just stares at her like where has my dawnie gone  #is BRUTAL AND EXCELLENT AND MY FAVORITE THING but there should have been a lot more of that and a lot less kennedy okay I’m done thanksO  (via wildehack​)

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#this is the exact moment when I went ”oh shit… spike really loves her.”  #”like no dude he REALLY loves her oh SHIT”  (via slayerdeans​)



loving you wasn’t worth losing you (insp)



#oh god spike and giles in the same space there is nothing i love more  #every time they both say something english they feel community in amongst all these americans  #which they both instantly hate  (via ceceliatallis​)

#i love that little exchange  #a tiny reminder of the weird parallels between those two  #giles is what spike used to be and spike is what giles used to be  (via the-elusive-ollie​)





Slayerettes Gif For Everything: S1E8 - I, Robot…You, Jane
Giles meets Jenny for the first time



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Oh, when you told me you’d leave. I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

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